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Occupying the eastern area of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe Taywan Taylor Jersey , Bulgaria is bordered by Romania to the north; the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, the Black Sea to the east and Greece to the south.


Bulgaria spans an area of 111,000 sq. km. The topography is extremely varied with large plains and lowlands to mountains, valleys and deep, fascinating gorges.

The Balkan ranges, also called the Stara Planina, Bulgarian for mountains Adoree' Jackson Jersey , traverse the country from west to east. To the north of the Balkans and forming a major part of the northern border is a fertile plateau that runs right through and joins the Danube River. The Rhodope range in the southwest includes Musala Mountain, the highest point in Bulgaria. To the east of Rhodope and the south of the Balkans lies the Thracian plain. The principal rivers include the Danube, the Struma, the Marista and the Iskur.


86.6% of the population of 8,428, 006 follow the Eastern Orthodox religion while 13% are Muslims. Bulgarian is the main language spoken here; other languages include English, French Corey Davis Jersey , Russian and German.


On the whole Bulgaria has a continental climate with four clearly marked seasons. However, the climate in the southern regions of the country exhibits a largely Mediterranean influence. The average annual temperature is around 10.5 C. In January the temperature could dip down to 0C, whereas summer temperatures hover around 30C; rarely going above.

Monetary unit: Lev


Under the Soviet-style economy of Bulgaria, almost all industrial and agricultural enterprises were controlled by the state until 1989. However, the 1990's saw a market-oriented reform that was precipitated by a stagnant economy, massive foreign debt, an inefficient and obsolete industrial complex and shortages of energy and food as well as basic consumer goods.

Post World War II saw the industrialization of this traditionally agricultural country. Major industries include machine building Harold Landry Jersey , engineering, food processing, metalworking and production of electronics, chemicals and textile. Agriculture still accounts for over 20% of the gross national product with principal crops being wheat, barley, corn, vegetables Rashaan Evans Jersey , oil-seeds, fruit and tobacco.


The population of Bulgaria consists primarily of Bulgars, with a substantial minority of Turks. Though there are several smaller groups of Macedonians and Gypsies, in keeping with its historic claim to Macedonia, Bulgaria refuses to recognize the Macedonians as a distinct group from the Bulgars.


The first Bulgarian state, located along the north coast of the Black Sea was established in 635 AD. Bulgaria spent the first half of the 20th century marred by political and social unrest. Following the First and Second Balkan Wars in 1912 and 1913, Bulgaria entered World War II Marcus Mariota Jersey , during which 30,000 Bulgarian troops were killed.

In the mid 1900's communism emerged as the dominant political force and Bulgaria became a satellite of the Soviet Union. Democratic changes came about sometime in 1989 and the very first multi-party elections were held. There was a period of economic and social turmoil during the time that Bulgaria was trying to emerge from the throes of communism, which ended in a severe financial and economic crisis towards the end of 1996.

On March 29th 2004, Bulgaria became a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and in 2005, its membership for the EU was approved, subject to the implementation of reforms. A coalition government was formed in June 2005, with Socialist Party leader Sergei Stanishev as the Prime Minister Tennessee Titans Hats , after no party received a clear majority in the 2005 general elections. Bulgaria became a European Union member on 1st January 2007.
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Sandra Lightowler is the owner of Information Bulgaria the leading online information site for BulgariaSofia Bulgaria.

Article Source:

" The subway station where an explosion happened is cordoned off in southern Stockholm, Sweden, Jan. 7, 2018. A man was killed and a woman injured when an object exploded Sunday outside a subway station in southern Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, Swedish Television reported on Sunday. (XinhuaWei Xuechao)

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 7 (Xinhua) -- A man has died after picking up what police believe was a hand grenade outside a subway station in southern Stockholm Tennessee Titans T-Shirts , the capital of Sweden, Swedish Television reported on Sunday.

A woman was also injured in the blast, at the Varby Gard station in the municipality of Huddinge, which is about 11 kilometers south of Stockholm.

""These two people cycled past the object and stopped to see what was on the ground. The woman who was with the man was several meters behind him,"" police officer Lars Alvarsjo told Swedish Television. ""I don't dare imagine what would have happened if one or several children had found the hand grenade. This is totally unacceptable,"" Alvarsjo said.

According to Alvarsjo, hand grenades are increasingly used by criminal networks in Sweden. ""It is surprising they have not detonated earlier Tennessee Titans Hoodie ,"" Alvarsjo said.

Police told news agency TT that the killed man, who was in his 60s, and the injured woman, who is in her 40s, were a couple. The report quoted police sources as saying that there was no indication that the explosion was directed against any individuals or property. The man and the woman simply ""were at the wrong place and at the wrong time"".

Police also said the man died at the hospital and that the woman was also taken to the hospital and had wounds on her face and both legs.

On Sunday morning, police searched the area around the station, wh. Wholesale NHL Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Online Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys China Wholesale Baseball Jerseys From China Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys Wholesale New Hockey Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys
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