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ECO Paint As Your Garage Floor Covering
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For many property owners and professionals, a 2 part ECO coating ranks very high if desiring the best garage floor covering. For different ECO coatings there are those that dry slowly while others dry relatively faster. Those brands sold as fast drying suggest that the drying does cross linking for the ECO polymer.
As an addition to the ECO coating, there are chips available to add to the mix which makes the presentation or the view of the floor is quite different. Adding the chips is a part of the application process. The addition of the chips is not a required part of the ECO floor covering. The plain colors available work well used alone.
It is most important to completely dry the cement floor before applying the coating. Without doing so the coating may not stick in various places. This will cause the finish to peal and flake off the floor in various places requiring 'patch work' in recovering those places in order to refinish the look of the floor. With the application process, etching the concrete with various acids (HCI for example) will provide undesired results.
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ECO Paint As Your Garage Floor Covering
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